The impending recession and the financial crisis all over the world has been the most fetching story in the business news for several months now. Companies have been looking to cut costs in all the spheres of business. It is something that can also be seen in the marketing strategies being adopted by the companies. The marketing expenses have been reigned in and the advertising budgets curbed.

Profiting against the tide

Anti cyclical action is the need of this economic downturn. These will act as investments which will result in strong return on Investments in the future. In fact the economic downturn is an opportunity when most of the companies lie low. This is the chance for you to present your brand strongly in front of the customers as well as act astutely. In the olden days there were many organizations which had a steady marketing budget which was not affected by any kind of financial crisis. In fact most of them increased the advertising fund in such scenarios. This helped them in expanding their market share.

Benefit from attractive rates and undivided attention

Though this anti-cyclical action does not work like a miracle. Even at times when the advertising expenses of most of the companies were soaring high, a kind of inflation sets in during those phases too. The more the advertisements the customer will be exposed to, the less notice he will pay to other individual aspects of a product. The price of advertising is high during the times of boom as the demand is also high. So, during these bleak moments the companies can not only take the advantage of the attractive rates but also highlight all its special features in front of the customers. The competitors are lying low and this is the best time to capture the customer’s attention. In case you have any kind of queries relating to where by and the best way to work with dorre, it is possible to e-mail us with our internet site.

Promotional advertising – the most effective promotional tool

If you compare promotional gifts with other means of advertising like TV and print media, you will realize that the acceptance value of promotional gifts is much higher among the customers. Their appeal is undisputed.

Even studies show that the attention the promotional items receive is more than average. More than 80% of the customers who get these promotional gifts like them and remember for a much longer time than a TV ad or print advertisement. And around 70% percent of the customers who have received these promotional gifts feel that the company which gives out promotional gifts is better than those who do not. 50 % of the consumers say that these promotional gifts remain in use for more than a year and thus constantly remind them of the brand.